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ESPRO Travel Press Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

ESPRO P1 Travel Coffee French Press


  • Two-in-one French press and travel mug
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Double microfilters keep silt out of your cup
  • Leak-proof lid screws on or off
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

ESPRO P1 Travel Coffee French Press


  • Two-in-one French press and travel mug
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Double microfilters keep silt out of your cup
  • Leak-proof lid screws on or off
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

ESPRO Travel Press Review Summary

If you’ve found yourself wishing that you could take that French press in your kitchen on the road with you, the P1 ESPRO French press is for you.

The French press has a loyal fan following, and this two-in-one coffee machine offers a stylish, contemporary way to enjoy French press coffee on the go. Plus, its strong, insulated stainless steel construction is durable enough to go anywhere with you and will guarantee your beverage will stay hot for hours.

Sometimes, leaving coffee in a French press too long makes it bitter. That’s no problem with this device because the extraction of flavors stops exactly when you push the plunger down. Done. Finito. This device’s coffee tastes just as delicious five minutes after you make it or an hour later.

The leak-proof lid screws on or off and comes trimmed with silicone to make sure it grips tightly — that coffee’s not going anywhere until you open it to take a drink. Its plunger is also lined with silicone, which ensures the coffee grounds stay in the bottom under the filters, not in your drink.

ESPRO was founded by engineers, a fact that is readily reflected in its products. The US-based company focuses solely on upscale coffee machines of excellent quality.


  • Makes excellent java
  • Keeps beverages hot for an impressive four to six hours
  • No grits in your coffee
  • Can be taken anywhere, be it the office or a campground
  • Excellent lid design means no leaks


    • Hard to add cream and sugar
    • No drinking hole in the lid

    Features and Benefits of the ESPRO Travel Press

    Now that you’ve had an introduction to the ESPRO P1, let’s take a closer look at this device’s nifty features and key selling points.

    French Press and Travel Mug Two-in-One

    It’s hard not to love the ESPRO travel press and its two-in-one combination of a French press with a travel mug. Enjoy the delight that is French press coffee and take it with you out the door, up a mountain, or just about anywhere!

    The French press is beloved for its rich, delicious java. This process uses hot water, ground coffee beans, and manual pressure to extract flavors from the beans and create a bold brew. After adding coffee grinds and boiling water to the mug, gently stir. Then, leaving the plunger and filter up, close the container, and allow your coffee to steep for four minutes. Next, simply push the plunger down, and you’re finished! Extraction stops immediately with this device, so there’s no chance of a bitter brew.

    Because you’re brewing coffee directly in the device’s stainless steel mug, there’s no need to find a separate vessel. And if you’re not drinking the full cup immediately, it’s no problem as the well-designed leak-proof lid screws on until you’re ready for some caffeine. It’s ideal for morning commutes and coffee lovers who often find themselves rushing out the door in the mornings.

    Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction

    The ESPRO travel French press is made from insulated stainless steel so it’s super durable and sturdy. Stainless steel resists stains and scratches, plus it won’t wear down over time, so you’ll be able to use this coffee maker for years to come. Whether you drop it a few times or hundreds of times, it’s tough enough to withstand any accidental user-inflicted damage.

    Plus, the double-wall design insulates your beverage, so you don’t have to guzzle the whole drink right away. In fact, this model will keep a beverage hot for four to six hours. It can also be used to keep a drink cold, if needed, and will maintain a cool temperature for even longer.

    Double Microfilters

    While most French presses use one filter, the ESPRO P1 boasts two quality microfilters to keep grit and sediment out of your drink. These microfilters capture 9 to 12 times more sediment than most French press filters, so there’s little chance you’ll end up with a mouthful of coffee grinds.

    I like that the microfilters are free from BPA, phthalates, and BPS. You can even use paper filters in between the two microfilters for an additional layer of filtration if you prefer.

    Clever Leak-free Design

    The ESPRO French press has a leak-proof lid, so you don’t need to worry about spilling your caffeinated goodness. Its lid screws on, rather than just popping on or off, which makes it more secure. It also has a layer of silicone to further ensure a snug fit.

    However, it’s useful to know that you can’t drink through the lid with this model. There is no opening to drink from, so you’ll have to remove the lid completely. If you’re the type of coffee addict who likes to sip their brew while in traffic, this might not be the best model for you.

    What Do Users Say About the ESPRO Travel French Press?

    It’s clear to me that the ESPRO travel press is a well-designed, quality appliance, but what do other owners of this coffee maker think? I looked through online reviews so you can judge for yourself.

    From my research, most people really like this coffee maker. The vast majority of reviews offer four or five-star ratings, which is a pretty compelling argument for this device.

    Users love being able to brew delicious coffee while rushing off to work. They all say the travel mug keeps their joe hot, and the lid lives up to its leak-proof description.

    The double-filter fits tightly and does a great job of keeping the grounds at the bottom of the mug where they belong. Additionally, owners say this mug feels solid, even if a touch on the heavy side. Overall, most ESPRO P1 owners are happy with their purchase.

    Like all small appliances, though, it’s not flawless. A common complaint is the travel mug’s size. Because the double-filter takes up a fair amount of the mug’s capacity, you can only brew about 10 ounces of coffee. Some bean lovers said they would prefer a larger size.

    There have also been a few comments regarding adding sugar, milk, or cream to the coffee. Once you’ve pushed the plunger down, making additions can be difficult. It’s not a problem if you prefer your coffee black, but it’s something to consider if you like a little sugar and milk. Regardless, these issues are relatively minor and can be worked around.

    Alternatives To The ESPRO P1 Travel Coffee Press

    There are some great perks to the ESPRO French press, but that certainly doesn’t make it the ideal portable coffee maker for everyone. If it isn’t your perfect match, here are some other top options to consider:

    A two-in-one device with a different method, the Wacaco Cuppamoka Pour-Over Coffee Maker uses pour-over brewing. This model is less expensive than the ESPRO P1, but holds about the same amount of java (10 ounces). The Wacaco model includes a removable filter holder, 10 paper filters, and a scoop.

    Like the ESPRO travel French press, it’s crafted from double-walled stainless steel

    Has a no-spill lid you can drink from while the ESPRO P1’s lid must be removed

    Uses disposable paper filters

    Basic and simple, the Primula Brew Buddy is a pour-over coffee maker which fits directly atop most size cups. It’s cheap, portable, weighs practically nothing, and is dishwasher-safe. Just place that filter over your cup, add ground coffee, then pour hot water over it. Pour the water slowly if you prefer a darker, stronger beverage. Pour it quickly if your coffee preference is lighter and less potent.

    Brews one single cup

    Takes as little as 30 seconds for coffee to be ready


    The Soma Brew Bottle can be used to make pour-over hot coffee or tea and cold brew coffee. It’s crafted from double-walled borosilicate glass, which is stronger than regular glass, and all parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Holds 12 ounces of brewed coffee or tea

    Made from heat-resistant glass rather than stainless steel like the ESPRO P1

    Includes a leak-proof, flip-top lid you can drink from

    Stainless steel filter traps grit


    As you can see, the ESPRO Travel Press is a pretty outstanding portable coffee maker. The company has managed to take the already fantastic French press and make it even better by adding portability.

    This device is designed for a single cup of joe, to save some time and make life a little easier. It’s sturdy and built to last, plus it brews amazing coffee, which stays hot for up to six hours. When you’re finished with your drink, all parts are dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is hassle-free.

    While some users have griped about the travel mug’s size, in some ways that’s testament to the product’s quality — it’s so good that people wish they had more of it!

    ESPRO Travel French Press FAQs

    Is ESPRO Dishwasher-Safe?

    Yes, all parts of the ESPRO travel press can go in the dishwasher. Just put the device on the top rack.

    How Long Before You Press a French Press?

    Four minutes is the recommended steeping time. You can experiment with a slightly shorter or longer time as you prefer. Just note that much longer than four minutes and you may end up with bitter, over-extracted coffee.

    Do You Use a Filter with a French Press?

    All French press coffee makers use an in-built filter design, so there’s no need for additional paper filters unless your press isn’t performing well. The ESPRO French press, for example, uses two microfilters that filter out 9 to 12 times more than a traditional French press.

    How Do You Make Coffee in the ESPRO Travel Press?

    Brewing coffee is straightforward and uncomplicated.

    • Ensure that both filters are installed on the rod.
    • Add ground coffee, then hot water, and stir gently.
    • With the plunger still above the mixture, screw on the lid.
    • Wait 4 minutes, then push the plunger down.
    • Unscrew the lid and enjoy your beverage!

    How Do You Use a Paper Filter in a French Press?

    With the ESPRO travel press, you can use a paper filter in between two microfilters. Typically, the two microfilters are enough to trap any sediment at the bottom of your mug but you can use an additional paper filter if you prefer.