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Best Blade Coffee Grinders for Coffee in 2023 — Buyer’s Guide, Reviews, and Comparisons

Blade coffee grinders are a great way to step into the world of grinding your own coffee. Freshly ground coffee beans are a must for delicious, flavorful coffee. Many people mistakenly believe that coffee grinders are all too expensive or require too much effort. That’s not the case, though, as there are plenty of grinders that are both affordable and easy to use.
Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice and Nut Grinder
With 200 watts of power, the Cuisinart Electric Spice and Nut Grinder is one of the most powerful small blade grinders you can buy. The stainless steel bowl can be removed for easy access, and the clear lid makes it easy to gauge the level of grind. While this is one of the more expensive blade grinders, it’s top-quality and worth every penny.
  • Stainless steel blades grind quickly.
  • Lid locking system for safety.
  • Stainless steel bowl and lid can be used for storage.

Blade Coffee Grinders Comparison Table

  • Dimensions: 6 x 7.13 x 10.75 inches
  • Watts: 140 watts
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Container Size: 8 ounces


  • Safety features require the lid to be locked for use
  • The stainless steel bowl is removable
  • Push-top for on or off

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price At Amazon Cuisinart SG-10 Review
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 3.54 x 7.13 inches
  • Watts: 125 watts
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Container Size: Approximately 4 ounces


  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Grinds enough for 12 cups of coffee
  • Quieter motor than other models

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price At Amazon Fresh Grind Review
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3.5 x 3 inches
  • Watts: 150 watts
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Container Size: Approximately 2 ounces


  • Comes in fun colors
  • Hidden cord storage in the base
  • Stainless steel blade

Product Rating: 4.6/5

Check Price At Amazon Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder Review
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Watts: 160 watts
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Container Size: Up to 4 ounces


  • Removable stainless steel bowl
  • Quality construction
  • Bowl and lid are both dishwasher-safe

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Check Price At Amazon KitchenAid Blade Grinder Review
  • Dimensions: 4.09 x 4.09 x 7.87 inches
  • Watts: 200 watts
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Container Size: 3.2 ounces


  • Safety features mean the lid must be locked for operation
  • The clear lid lets you see the grinding process
  • More powerful than many models

Product Rating: 4/5

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Electric Blade Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

To hear some people tell it, you’d think that all good coffee grinders are expensive, complicated, and reserved for either coffee shops or people with money to burn. In reality, there are coffee bean grinders to fit nearly every budget, and you don’t have to be an expert to appreciate freshly ground beans.

While it’s true that some of the best coffee grinders can be expensive and complicated to use, it’s surprisingly easy to find a blade coffee grinder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but still does a good job of grinding beans.

Blade coffee grinders may not have the reputation associated with burr grinders, but they are more than capable of delivering ground coffee beans to create a cracking cup of java.

Some things to consider when deciding on an electric blade grinder:

The power of the grinder

Price point

Your skill/experience level with grinders

The kind of coffee you drink

Safety features

Why Buy a Blade Coffee Grinder?

If you’re happy to give money to your local coffee house whenever you need a caffeine fix, then you probably don’t need a coffee grinder.

However, if you like to fill your house with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, or if you’re looking for a way to spend less at the cafe, then a coffee grinder is a must.

It doesn’t have to be a top-level machine, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget, and there are some definite advantages to blade coffee grinders, let’s take a look at those now.

Price Tag

Even the best blade coffee grinders are considerably less expensive than burr grinders. For that reason, if you’re trying to trim your expenses or you’re just getting started with grinding your own beans, a blade grinder is a great option.

And if you later decide that grinding beans isn’t your thing, you won’t have to feel guilty about not using a pricey toy.

Not Just Limited to Coffee

Unlike burr grinders, blade grinders can grind other things besides coffee, such as spices or nuts. The blade and operation are similar to that of a food processor but on a smaller level. So if you need to grind some ginger or cashews, go right ahead. Just clean the grinder thoroughly afterward, unless you want cashew-flavored coffee!

Ease of Use

Blade coffee grinders are remarkably easy to use, especially when compared to burr grinders. Most of these grinders only have a single setting, unlike the multiple grind settings and timers on burr grinders. The process with a blade grinder is straightforward. Hold the button down to grind and release it when you’re done. If it’s not fine enough, repeat the process.


While most coffee grinders don’t take up a lot of space, blade grinders tend to be smaller than burr grinders and weigh less. An electric blade grinder only needs a little bit of counter space, and if that’s too much, you can store it in a cabinet when you don’t need it. No bulky machine to move around.

How to Choose the Best Blade Coffee Grinder

There is a vast array of blade grinders on the market, so it can be hard to sort through them all and find the best one for your needs. They vary by motors, capacity, safety features, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the aspects you may want to consider when selecting a blade grinder.


There’s a blade coffee grinder for practically every budget. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly electric grinder or a more upscale model, you’ll find it. Quality blade coffee grinders that perform well are available at all price points.


Because blade coffee grinders are typically smaller than burr grinders, they lack the latter’s larger capacity. Most blade appliances allow you to grind two to four ounces of beans at one time. A few models have a larger capacity, as high as eight ounces, but that’s not really common. Know that with a blade grinder, if you drink a lot of coffee, you might have to complete several grinding sessions.


The power in blade coffee grinders can vary dramatically. From just over 100 watts to 200 watts or more, you’ll want to consider whether power matters to you. Less power can mean that the device grinds slowly, but it also means it won’t create as much heat on the beans, which preserves their flavor.

A powerful motor, on the other hand, grinds faster but the heat generated by the process can transfer to the beans. This can affect how the coffee tastes, sometimes resulting in a bitter flavor.

My suggestion? Choose a blade grinder that’s not too powerful nor too weak. An option from the middle of the pack is recommended.

Safety Features

Because of the nature of an electric blade grinder, it comes with multiple warnings in the instruction manual. Very simply, if it can cut through coffee beans, it can also cut a person. For that reason, a reputable blade grinder will have safety features integrated.

For example, many models use a locking lid, and if the lid isn’t locked into place, you can’t start the grinding process. Other safety features include an auto-shutoff function to prevent the motor from overheating and rubber feet to prevent the grinder from slipping.

Best Blade Coffee Grinder — Our Top Five

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of coffee grinders, and you could spend hours comparing different models. However, there’s no need to do that when you’ve got reviews like this one.

I’ve already done the research and created a list of the best blade coffee grinders based on features, manufacturer information, and customer feedback. Let’s get grinding with our first option, the Cuisinart SG-10.

Cuisinart SG-10

~ Best Overall

Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Safety features require the lid to be locked for use
  • The stainless steel bowl is removable
  • Push-top for on or off

The Cuisinart Electric Spice and Nut Grinder is more expensive than other blade coffee grinders, but it delivers when it comes to the grind. Fine, medium, or coarse, this model satisfactorily produces them on.

It uses a 200-watt motor to slice beans and has a safety interlock feature that will prevent the grinder from starting until the lid is securely locked into position. The push-top lid is used to start and stop the grinder.

The removable stainless steel bowl holds up to 3.2 ounces of beans. When not in use, feel free to throw this into the dishwasher, along with the clear lid. You can also use the bowl with its lid to store coffee or spices.

This is one of the larger blade grinders, weighing in at almost 3 pounds, but it has rubber feet to make sure that it holds stable while being used. However, it’s not quite as easy to tuck into the cabinet after use because of its size.


  • Heavy-duty motor provides 200 watts of power
  • Removable stainless steel bowl
  • The lid must be secure in order to start grinding
  • Rubber feet help keep the device stable


    • It has a higher price tag than most similar models
    • Heavier than most blade grinder models
    • Design
    • Functionality
    • Price

    Our Rating: 4.7/5


    • Removable grinding chamber
    • Grinds enough for 12 cups of coffee
    • Quieter motor than other models

    With thousands of reviews, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder is a reliable choice for a starter coffee grinder, proving that an appealing price tag doesn’t always mean sacrificing quality.

    It has 125 watts of power, which helps its grinding process be a little quieter than most other models in this price range. The stainless steel blades do a good job of slicing coffee beans or spices or nuts.

    The grinding chamber can be removed, which means there’s no mess when you transfer the beans after grinding. It also makes the cleanup process simple, you just hand wash the removable grinding chamber.

    It’s compact and lightweight, so it doesn’t require a lot of counter space, and it neatly tucks into a cabinet when not in use. There is hidden cord storage, but there have been some complaints about the cord being really short.


    • Quieter than many models
    • The grinding chamber is removable
    • Cord can be hidden when not in use
    • High-quality at a budget-friendly price


      • Short power cord
      • Doesn’t grind finely enough for espresso
      • Design
      • Functionality
      • Price

      Bodum BISTRO Coffee Grinder

      ~ Best Small Capacity

      Our Rating: 4.6/5


      • Comes in fun colors
      • Hidden cord storage in the base
      • Stainless steel blade

      Bodum’s BISTRO Blade Coffee Grinder is an ideal entry-level choice if you’re new to grinding beans. It’s affordable, but still offers the quality associated with the Bodum brand.

      This appliance uses 150 watts of power and stainless steel blades to make quick work of slicing through beans. It has a transparent lid to let you decide how coarsely or finely you want your grind. And with safety in mind, the grinder will not start unless the lid is locked into place.

      This grinder comes in fun colors like red and copper and has a sleek design that will fit any decor. The metal container can be cleaned as needed with the included brush, and the rest of the appliance can be wiped clean when necessary.

      The push-button control lets you decide how long to grind at a time, or you can use it as a pulse option, giving you the ability to customize your grind. This model shouldn’t be used for more than 60 seconds continuously as it can lead to overheating.


      • Available in several funky color options
      • 150 watts of power
      • Safety features prevent grinding when the lid isn’t locked
      • The cord can be stored in the base


        • One of the smallest capacities at just over two ounces
        • Shouldn’t be used for more than 60 seconds continuously
        • Design
        • Functionality
        • Price

        KitchenAid Blade Grinder

        ~ Most Stylish

        Our Rating: 4.9/5


        • Removable stainless steel bowl
        • Quality construction
        • Bowl and lid are both dishwasher-safe

        The KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the coffee grinding table, but there’s no denying its good looks and quality construction.

        Available in a bold red color, it has a heavy-duty housing around the motor, and a clear lid, so you can monitor the grinding process. It uses 160 watts of power to slice coffee beans, and at two pounds, is one of the heavier blade grinders we’ve looked at.

        Its stainless steel bowl is removable for less mess when transferring the ground beans. The bowl and lid can safely go through the dishwasher, no scrubbing required. There are inside markings for 4 to 12 cups of coffee, so you don’t have to guess how many beans you need to grind at a time.

        It only takes a single touch to start the grinding process, and the stainless steel blades will slice right through the beans in a matter of seconds. However, this model does not do well grinding finely enough for espresso, so it’s best suited for drip, pour-over, or French press coffee. It also doesn’t do a good job of containing powder during the grinding process, and it can get a bit messy.


        • Bowl can be lifted out to prevent spills
        • Bowl and lid are dishwasher-safe
        • Has inside measurement markings
        • Aesthetically pleasing


          • Does not do well with espresso grind
          • Powder escapes from the grinder
          • Design
          • Functionality
          • Price
          Krups F203

          KRUPS F203 Grinder

          ~ Most Budget-Friendly

          Krups F203

          Our Rating: 4/5


          • Safety features mean the lid must be locked for operation
          • The clear lid lets you see the grinding process
          • More powerful than many models

          The KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is no one-trick pony, and it does a pretty decent job of grinding coffee, spice, or nuts.

          Hidden inside its diminutive frame is a motor that produces 200 watts of power, more than enough to grind through any kind of coffee beans. While it does not have multiple grind settings, you can get to your desired grind level by using the one-button operation repeatedly. It’s even possible to use this device to grind beans finely enough for espresso. A clear lid lets you see how the grinding process is going.

          Its stainless steel blades will stand up to the friction of grinding. The appliance has a built-in safety feature to prevent the blades from spinning if the lid isn’t locked. After use, the lid can be washed by hand, and the rest of the device should be wiped clean occasionally.

          This device is your basic, entry-level electric blade grinder, so you’re not going to find any extras with this model. The heat generated by such a powerful motor can detract from the flavor of the coffee beans, so we recommend grinding in short bursts.


          • Lid safety feature prevents use unless the lid is locked
          • The clear lid lets you see grinding progress
          • Also works great with spices and nuts
          • 200 watts of power for fast grinding


            • Generates a lot of heat, which can affect that coffee’s taste
            • Does not always grind evenly
            • Design
            • Functionality
            • Price



            Blade coffee grinders are not intended to be top-of-the-line models, yet there are plenty that do a more than adequate job of slicing through beans, so you get the freshest cup of java.

            While the basic functions of electric blade grinders don’t vary much from one model to another, characteristics like the quality of construction and power generated by the motor have a big effect on how well they perform.

            If spending hundreds of dollars for a coffee grinder isn’t an option, it’s no problem at all because there’s a variety of affordable blade coffee grinders on the market. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy freshly ground coffee beans and the differences they can make to your brew.

            Blade Coffee Grinders FAQs

            What’s the Difference Between a Burr Coffee Grinder and a Blade Coffee Grinder?

            A blade coffee grinder uses spinning blades to slice through the coffee beans. In contrast, a burr grinder uses two flat or conical burrs to crush the coffee beans. The latter is considered the gold standard as the crushing retains more flavor, but if you’re on a budget, blade grinders may be a better choice.

            Do Coffee Grinder Blades Get Dull?

            Yes, the blades can wear down over time and become dull. There are a couple of methods to sharpen blades, depending on the model. However, it may be more reasonable to just replace the grinder.

            When Should I Clean My Coffee Grinder?

            The lid and any removable containers should be cleaned after each use. The rest of the grinder should be cleaned every two to three months to remove coffee buildup on the inside.

            How Do You Use a Coffee Grinder Blade?

            It’s actually really easy to use a blade coffee grinder. Wait until you’re ready to brew the coffee before grinding. Grind in short bursts to avoid overheating the beans. You can repeat this as often as necessary to get your preferred grind. Between the short bursts, shake the coffee grinder to dislodge any grinds stuck to the blades and get an even, consistent grind.

            Can You Use a Blade Grinder for Espresso?

            Blade coffee grinders generally are not best for espresso. You may be able to get to a fine grind level, but it won’t be as consistent as what a burr grinder produces and may affect the taste of the espresso.

            That said, you can use your blade coffee grinder for espresso, of course. Just don’t expect the coffee purists to respect your decision!

            Is a Burr Grinder Better Than a Blade Grinder?

            A burr grinder will typically do a better job of grinding coffee beans. However, a blade grinder is much less expensive and may be more suited to your needs.

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