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Toddy Cold Brew System Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker


  • Patented cold brewer design
  • BPA-free plastic brewer
  • Glass decanter with stopper
  • Two reusable felt filters and three paper filters included
  • Brews coffee concentrate
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker


  • Patented cold brewer design
  • BPA-free plastic brewer
  • Glass decanter with stopper
  • Two reusable felt filters and three paper filters included
  • Brews coffee concentrate
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Toddy Cold Brew System Review Summary

One reason why the Toddy Cold Brew System has so many fans is that it’s the original cold brewer. Legend has it that Todd Simpson learned the ways of cold brewing while traveling through Peru in 1963. Upon returning to the US, he patented the first Toddy cold brew coffee maker, and the rest is history.

It’s also worth mentioning that Toddy places emphasis on innovation and originality. No matter your skill level, if you invest in any Toddy brewer, you’ll experience craft coffee making.

I mention this because the first thing you should know about the Toddy Cold Brew System is that there’s an element of old-school DIY. This is not to say that operation is difficult, quite the opposite, in fact, but it’s not as automatic or effortless as other cold brewers. 

This is largely because of its paper filters, which need to be replaced regularly. Not only does this add to maintenance, but it’s also an extra expense. Don’t get me wrong, filters are not a bad thing, and overall, I think a Toddy is a perfect investment if you prefer a hands-on brewing approach.

The brewing container is plastic and able to withstand hard knocks, bumps, and drops, so if you’re just getting started in craft brewing, it’s a safe and comfortable option. Additionally, the device comes with a glass decanter and stopper for filtration, serving, or saving your coffee. The concentrate will remain as fresh as the day you made it for up to two weeks.

Plus, the Toddy cold brewer comes with a lid for your brewing container, two reusable felt filters, and three paper filters.

The Toddy Cold Brew System produces a smooth, even concentrate. Add it to warm or cold water or milk, or play around to create refreshing and caffeinated drinks of your choice. An all-rounder, it also brews warm and cold tea.

This cold brewer is undoubtedly a winner, but it’s not without drawbacks. One could argue that its design hasn’t quite kept up with the times, but this is a nitpick rather than a problem. Handling the Toddy cold brew maker can be a bit finicky, and maintenance isn’t as effortless as one would hope.

Regardless, the Toddy Cold Brew System has held its place in craft coffee for close to 50 years and it’s no wonder why — this is an excellent brewer at a great price, and it’s bound to satisfy your cold brew needs.


  • Durable, BPA-free plastic brewer
  • Coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to two weeks
  • Reusable filters included
  • Brews warm or cold coffee and tea
  • Compact design


    • Filters will have to be replaced
    • The brew plug is inconveniently placed

    Features and Benefits of the Toddy Cold Brew System

    The Toddy Cold Brew System’s well-deserved reputation precedes it. Beyond being a famous and favored brewer, here’s what you can look forward to if you purchase a Toddy:

    Hands-On Brewing

    The Toddy Cold Brew System is not a complicated brewer, by any stretch of the imagination. However, there is a craft element here in terms of its functionality. While there’s no learning curve beyond a small amount of practice, this brewer does require some occasional TLC.

    It’s far more involved than most cold brewers, so if you’re looking for a cold brewing experience, this could be the perfect coffee maker. You won’t have to study brewing to get great joe, but you will feel like a qualified barista every time you use it.

    Concentrate Stays Fresh

    In case you don’t know, some brewers produce cold-brewed, ready-to-drink coffee, while others make coffee concentrate. The latter is considered stronger, more versatile, and more palatable, so, generally speaking, it’s the preferred choice. The Toddy iced coffee maker makes excellent concentrate that goes a long way.

    Regardless of how you store it (be it the decanter or another container), your coffee concentrate will keep for up to two weeks — handy if you like to be prepared well in advance. Plus, because the Toddy cold brew maker time to complete its cycle, it will save you time between brews.

    Durable Materials

    Plastic is controversial in the world of craft coffee, some associate it with inferior brewers, while others say it looks and feels “cheap.” I am not one of those people, especially when it comes to the Toddy.

    It may not be the material of choice but plastic is more resilient than glass, and so the odds of accidentally breaking or damaging your brewing container is low. Not to mention that the Toddy cold brew coffee maker is BPA free, so it won’t deteriorate.

    Then there’s the fact that this brewer simply looks good. It’s stylish and will add a hint of class to your counters regardless of its build. And if all else fails, you can make use of the glass decanter (and matching stopper) when it’s time to serve.

    The Full Package

    I’ve mentioned that the Toddy Cold Brew System offers you a craft experience, so it’s handy that the manufacturers saw fit to get you started right off the bat. When you purchase the Toddy, you’ll get a selection of accessories to help you brew fabulous coffee.

    Included are two reusable felt filters as well as three paper filter samples. You’ll also get a silicone plug for your brewing container, and the glass decanter and stopper I mentioned before.

    On top of this, your brewing container comes with a detachable handle and lid to protect your grounds from interference and prevent spills.

    Expertly Designed

    The Toddy Cold Brew System boasts something that no other cold brewer can: it is the pioneer of all cold brewers, and its design precipitated the cold brew movement in the first place.

    Of course, it’s not the exact same design as back in the 60s when it first took form, but its patent is what other manufacturers have tried to replicate. It’s safe to say the Toddy iced coffee maker has a trusted design. If not, it wouldn’t have led the market for half a century.

    Takes A Variety Of Mugs

    This machine is tall enough for all your favorite mugs and cups without being cumbersome or chunky. The biggest benefit here is that it will easily accept travel mugs, once more proving that Keurig covered all bases and shone a light on convenience.

    Great Design

    Sure, this benefit might not be as important as the others, but the Keurig K55 looks nice. It’s not the most dashing coffee maker on the market, but it’ll fit into your kitchen well. The simplistic, minimalist design has its appeal, and it won’t take up much bench space either. 

    You can choose between two colors: black and rhubarb, both of which are easy on the eyes, though the latter adds more character to your counter.

    What Do Users Say About the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

    The Toddy Cold Brew System has a lot to offer and I like what I see. To be sure though, I took a look at customer feedback. It’s no surprise that buyers feel the same.

    The majority of people compliment the Toddy’s ease of use, efficiency, and quality. Tons of comments declare the Toddy the best device, with many claiming it produces the best cold brew coffee they’ve ever tasted

    Satisfied customers agree it’s worth every penny and that the Toddy iced coffee maker is the perfect cold brewer.

    There are a few negative comments. For example, some buyers aren’t happy with the overall design and say the brew container plug’s placement is a hassle to work around. A few people say it’s too time-consuming for their linking, and that the level of maintenance needed isn’t ideal.

    Regardless of the naysayers, the Toddy cold brew maker has some of the highest ratings I’ve seen for a cold brewer, and that says a lot.

    Alternatives To The Toddy Cold Brew System

    We’ve established that the Toddy Cold Brew System has a lot going for it, but there’s always a chance it’s not quite what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, take a look at these excellent alternatives:

    Here’s an amazing budget cold brewer that will save you a ton of effort and money compared to the Toddy Cold Brew System. There’s little set-up involved and it’s built from borosilicate glass so is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. It also has a six-cup capacity for the heavy coffee drinkers out there.

    Its brew basket and fine mesh filter are removable, and an airtight and leak-proof lid keeps your joe contained. This brewer is compact and easily fits in your fridge or countertop. The Primula brews warm and cold drinks, including tea.

    Leak-proof airtight lid

    Removable filter and brew basket

    Dishwasher safe components

    If you’re in search of something a little more sophisticated, the OXO Good Grips cold brewer is a favorite of mine. Price wise, it’s at the higher end of the cold brew scale, but it’s a high-quality model that’s similar to the Toddy cold brewer.

    It features OXO’s Rainmaker, which evenly distributes water to grounds for extra-efficient steeping. It also has an incorporated Brew Release switch to simplify filtration. Built from durable borosilicate glass, it includes an ultra-fine stainless steel filter.

    Rainmaker for optimal steeping

    Borosilicate glass with stainless steel filter

    Brew Release switch

    While similar to the Toddy in price, the Ovalware Cold Brewer is far simpler to operate. With its two-step brewing process, making coffee is effortless. All you have to do is mix your grounds with water.

    The Ovalware cold brewer is built of borosilicate glass and includes a stainless steel filter and cap. It features an ergonomic handle and a rubber base for extra safety. Its airtight seal will keep your coffee concentrate fresh for weeks.

    Durable materials

    Airtight seal keeps the concentrate fresh

    Available in two different sizes


    I’ll be surprised if the Toddy Cold Brew System disappoints — it’s expertly designed, efficient, and offers users a craft brewing experience.

    If you’re looking to get started in craft brewing, or simply want a more practical way to brew, consider this classic device square one. You’ll be equipped with everything you need and have the opportunity to invest in your brewing skills and a top-notch brewer.

    The Toddy iced coffee maker may not be suited to those looking for an effortless brewing experience, and before you invest in one, you must understand that it comes with extra expenses.

    That said, it’s an affordable, efficient, and classic cold brewer that does its job well. There is a reason why it gets the popular vote: it’s one of the best.

    Toddy Cold Brew System FAQs

    How Much Coffee Does the Toddy Cold Brew System Make?

    The Toddy cold brewer will yield six cups of versatile coffee concentrate.

    How Long Does the Toddy Cold Brew System Take to Brew?

    As is standard with cold brew coffee makers, the Toddy Cold Brew System takes between 12 and 24 hours to steep your grounds and produce a coffee concentrate.

    How Long Will the Toddy Cold Brew System Filters Last?

    Toddy recommends replacing your filters after 10 to 12 uses or 3 months, whichever comes first.