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Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Pot Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Pot


  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Food-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Eight sides to disperse heat perfectly
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Pot


  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Food-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Eight sides to disperse heat perfectly
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Review Summary

The timeless, classic-looking Bialetti Red Moka Pot looks fantastic in any kitchen. The cheerful red color will brighten up any kitchen counter, as will the other colors available if red isn’t your preference. But even better than that, it makes flavorful, bold coffee you’ll fall in love with.

Moka pots are environmentally friendly, as they don’t rely on pods or paper filters to brew java. Your financial investment will pay off quickly if you love bold coffee but hate spending time and money at cafes.

This particular model holds about 10 ounces, with other sizes available. Its aluminum construction heats quickly and is lightweight, which means your coffee will be ready in under five minutes.

An Italian brand, Bialetti was founded in the 1930s and still uses the original moka pot design Alfonso Bialetti created nearly a century ago. Bialetti moka pots are found in 9 out of 10 Italian homes and today, the company continues to produce high-quality coffee makers, cookware, and bakeware.


  • Simple process
  • Less than five minutes to brew bold coffee
  • Design is both useful and aesthetically pleasing
  • Environmentally friendly


    • Not compatible with induction cooktops
    • Aluminum can corrode over time

    Features and Benefits of the Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Pot

    Bialetti promises to deliver exceptional espresso-like coffee in a matter of minutes through the moka pot brewing process. Let’s look more closely at the benefits and features offered by this coffee maker.

    Moka Pot Method

    People have used these devices to brew strong, espresso-like coffee for almost a century. The tried and true method involves heating water in a contained area at the bottom of the moka pot. 

    This creates pressure and steam, which in turn pushes hot water up through the coffee grounds. As the water passes through the coffee, you’re left with a strong shot that is much like espresso in the top of your moka pot.

    It should be noted that moka coffee is not true espresso as espresso requires at least 9 bars of pressure to brew properly and moka pots create about 1.5 bars of pressure. It is a similar process, though.

    Eight-Sided Aluminum Design

    The Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker is familiar to most people because of its octagonal design. This design allows heat to quickly diffuse through the container, which makes the aroma of your coffee stronger.

    Aluminum construction allows the machine to heat up quickly and brew java in under five minutes. Aluminum conducts heat easily, and this model performs best on a gas stove or over an open flame. It can also be used on an electric stove, but should never be used on an induction cooktop.

    Aluminum is also lighter and less expensive than stainless steel. It’s still durable though and a moka pot can last as long as 10 years.


    If going green is your thing, then a Bialetti 6 Cup Moka pot will certainly appeal to you. It doesn’t use paper or plastic pods or filters. There’s virtually no waste aside from the coffee grounds, which are biodegradable and easy to compost.

    The only plastic parts in Bialetti’s moka pot are the knob and handle, but those are only for safety reasons. You’d burn your fingers on an aluminum handle. Technically, you don’t even need electricity to use this coffee machine. An open flame works just fine.

    Safety Valve

    The Moka Pot by Bialetti includes a safety valve (as do most reputable models) to ensure the pressure generated by steam doesn’t get too high.

    If too much pressure builds, the safety valve automatically releases some steam, allowing the brewing process to safely continue. However, if this happens on a regular basis, you should inspect the device to ensure all parts are in proper working condition and not blocking steam.

    Simple Cleaning Process

    While the Bialetti Red Moka Pot isn’t dishwasher friendly, cleaning it is still an uncomplicated process. Simply dismantle the moka pot’s parts and wash by hand. You don’t even need soap or detergent as water is generally enough to properly clean the unit. You should never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on this coffee maker.

    What Do Users Say About the Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker?

    If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a fan of the Bialetti Red Moka Pot, but you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ve done some research on what owners of this coffee machine think, so you can see for yourself.

    They love their moka pots! By and large, users give this model rave reviews. It brews strong, delectable java in a matter of minutes. Learning how to use a moka pot isn’t difficult and very helpful instructions are included. While it does take a bit more time compared to automatic coffee or espresso machines, the quality of the drink is amazing.

    Owners also love the aesthetics, the design works perfectly for brewing coffee, plus it looks good while doing it. Most rate the quality of construction as excellent, and it’s easy to take apart for a few minutes of cleaning. It does require hand washing with careful drying, as aluminum can corrode over time.

    There were a few complaints about the size of this model, and the fact it can’t be used on an induction or glass stovetop. However, those characteristics are clearly stated and could be chalked up to misunderstandings rather than actual issues with the coffee maker itself.

    Alternatives To The Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Pot

    The Bialetti Red Moka Pot has some fantastic qualities, but maybe it’s not the perfect appliance for you. In that case, I’ve come up with some alternatives which might help deliver your perfect cup of joe.

    The GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker has a similar design to the Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker but at a lower price tag. This is the only moka pot that includes a burn guard on the handgrip to protect your fingers. The manufacturer only uses Italian safety valves to ensure the highest quality.

    Less expensive price point than the Bialetti model

    Made of anodized aluminum

    Silicone gasket for a smooth fit

    Unlike the model in this review, the Bialetti Venus Induction Espresso Coffee Maker is compatible with induction cooktops. It’s made of stainless steel, rather than aluminum, and it’s smaller than the Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Pot. If you don’t have gas, the venus could be the better choice.

    Compatible with all stovetops, including induction

    Heat resistant handle

    Durable stainless steel construction

    The De’Longhi EMK6 Electric Moka Pot eliminates the need for a stovetop. This coffee maker has a stainless steel bottom with a transparent top. The base is detachable, and the unit has an automatic shut-off and warmth retention features. As you may imagine, these features make it pricier than the Bialetti 6 Cup Moka pot.

    Transparent top lets you watch the process

    Eliminates the need for a cooktop

    Can brew three cups or six cups by using the filter adapter


    There’s a reason the Moka Pot Bialetti created hasn’t significantly changed in the decades since it was patented. It works, and it works really well. This machine definitely delivers on its promise of coffee which makes you sit up and take notice.

    The aluminum-alloy construction and eight-sided design combine to perfectly diffuse heat to enhance the aroma and taste of that caffeinated goodness. Aluminum is lightweight and heats quickly so your beverage is delivered in five minutes or less. Why wait in line at a coffee shop when you could already be drinking your cafe-quality brew at home?

    This coffee machine is rather small, using espresso cups as the bar of measurement. If you want longer coffees, you can add hot water of heated milk to your shots. It’s available in both smaller or larger sizes in a palette of colors that bring cheer to any kitchen counter.

    It’s eco-friendly, without any need for paper filters or plastic pods. Coffee grounds are the only real waste, and those are easy to take care of. Cleanup is also a straightforward process that only requires a few minutes. Unfortunately, this model is not compatible with induction stovetops, but it’s perfect for a gas stove or open flame.

    This moka pot is smartly designed, looks lovely, and brews a fantastic cup of joe. It’s hard to ask for anything more.

    Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Pot FAQs

    What Size Cup Does Bialetti Use When Determining the Size of a Moka Pot?

    Bialetti uses espresso cups when classifying the size of a coffee maker. A six-cup Bialetti moka pot holds about 10 ounces.

    Can I Use My Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker on Any Stovetop?

    No, this model performs best on a gas cooktop or open flame, although it’s also compatible with a traditional electric stove. It is not compatible with an induction stovetop because that type requires magnetic metals to work properly. This Bialetti moka pot is made from aluminum, which is not magnetic.

    How Do I Know When My Moka Pot Coffee Is Done?

    When brewing moka coffee, a stream of liquid will be forced up into the top chamber of your moka pot. You’ll hear a bubbling or hissing sound and will know the brewing process is finished. If there’s an explosive stream of coffee, the heat is too high. If it sounds very weak, the heat is too low.

    What Kind of Coffee Can I Use with My Bialetti Red Moka Pot?

    You should use coffee that’s marked for espresso use. A medium to fine grind works best in moka pots.

    Should I Tamp the Coffee Grounds in a Moka Pot?

    No. Trying to force water and steam through tightly packed grounds may result in too much pressure building up, which could cause the device to explode.