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Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press


  • Every part is crafted from stainless steel
  • Double-wall construction keeps your drinks hot
  • Everything can go in the dishwasher
  • Two-stage filtration means zero sediment at the bottom of your cup
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press


  • Every part is crafted from stainless steel
  • Double-wall construction keeps your drinks hot
  • Everything can go in the dishwasher
  • Two-stage filtration means zero sediment at the bottom of your cup
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Frieling French Press Review Summary

The polished, contemporary Frieling Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker will get compliments in any kitchen. This machine isn’t just a pretty face, though. It brews delectable java, and it’s built to last.

Frieling’s appliance is proof that you can have a stylish coffee maker that is also virtually unbreakable. Its sleek lines look lovely, while the stainless steel build resists stains and rust. Unlike a glass French press, you’ll never have to worry about glass cracking or shattering. 

A double-wall design insulates your beverage, so it stays hot for four times as long as in a glass carafe. Frieling’s French press comes in five different sizes, so there’s a perfect size for everyone, whether you drink a single cup of joe each morning or make enough coffee for the whole family.

Frieling is based in the United States and has been in operation for over three decades. Its focus is manufacturing high-end kitchen products and serveware for the hospitality industry. This company prides itself on providing solutions for problems, not just more products.


  • Contemporary, polished design
  • Double-wall insulation retains coffee’s heat
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Two-stage filter system prevents sediment from escaping


    • The price point may be too high for some people
    • Smudges easily

    Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

    Frieling promises excellent coffee, brewed to perfection in a beautifully-designed French press. Let’s look at this device’s features to see how well it delivers on the company’s promises.

    Something for Everyone

    The Frieling French Press has something for nearly everyone. It’s available in five different sizes, from as small as 8 ounces to as large as 44 ounces. Whether you only drink one cup of coffee in the mornings or you need a family-sized version, there’s an option that’s just right for you.

    Oh, you don’t drink coffee? Even for those who aren’t java fans, this French press is still a great choice as it’s a dab hand at brewing tea. Just use loose tea leaves or grounds, rather than coffee. You could even use it to serve cold drinks, as it keeps liquid cold just as well as it keeps it hot.

    Awesome Filtration System

    One of the secrets of a great cup of coffee is to extract the goodness while keeping the gunk out. The Frieling Stainless Steel French Press has a two-stage filtration system that is second to none — there will be zero sediments in your beverage. A super-fine Italian mesh filter also extracts more oils from coarsely ground coffee for exceptional flavor.

    The plunger presses right up against the French press’ wall, preventing sediment from escaping from the filter and forcing even more flavor from the coffee.

    Perks of Stainless Steel

    While some people prefer a classic French press design of glass with chrome, the Frieling French press is stainless steel. This modern design catches your eye and looks luxurious and upscale. 

    Even better, insulated stainless steel keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. If you like to linger over coffee before starting your day, it will stay hot. In fact, this model keeps beverages hot up to four times longer than glass presses.

    Plus, this model is practically unbreakable. Unlike a glass French press, you don’t have to worry about dropping it. There’s no concern about the glass cracking or shattering. Every part of this device is built to last.

    A stainless steel design makes for super easy cleanup, too. Every part of this device is dishwasher-safe, although you may want to wash it by hand to avoid smudges. It’s not even necessary to take the filter and plunger system apart. Just toss the whole thing in the dishwasher.

    Eco-Friendly with Style

    If being good to the environment is your thing, a French press machine is definitely the way to go. It doesn’t use electricity; there are no paper filters or plastic pods; except for coffee grounds, there’s no waste.
    The Frieling Stainless Steel French press also doesn’t take up much space. It’s much smaller than drip coffee machines, and when you’re not using it, you can just store it in a cabinet. But why do that? The polished, glossy finish deserves a spot on a kitchen counter where it can be admired.

    What Do Users Say About the Frieling French Press?

    This French press is a perfect example of paying for quality. Yes, it’s more expensive than many models, but it really is a premium product. However, in the interest of giving an unbiased review, I’ve researched what other users say.

    Frieling French press owners love their coffee maker. They’re thrilled with the quality of the machine and just as thrilled with the resulting beverage. People particularly love the dual filters, and there are virtually no complaints about sediment at the bottom of cups.

    They love the look of polished stainless steel, but they also appreciate its durability. Not having to worry about breaking a glass French press is a relief for many people.

    One real complaint is the price tag. It’s considerably more expensive than many other French press models. However, those willing to pay a higher price are very happy with their purchases. 

    A few complaints have been made about the outside smudging easily with fingerprints. However, that’s a minor issue that can be remedied by washing the machine by hand. It does not detract from the quality of this product.

    Alternatives To The Frieling Stainless Steel French Press

    It’s pretty apparent I’m in love with the Frieling French Press Coffee Maker. However, it may not meet your specific needs or wants, so I’ve researched some other models which may be more suitable for you.

    The ESPRO P7 French Press is slightly more expensive than the Frieling French Press and is also made of stainless steel. It comes in two sizes, compared to the five sizes available for the Frieling coffee machine. However, it does offer a variety of finishes. It also has a separate tea press, unlike the Frieling version.

    Double microfilter prevents grounds from escaping

    Extraction stops when the plunger is pressed, so your coffee won’t become bitter

    Claims to keep beverages hot for hours

    The Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press, like the Frieling Stainless Steel French Press, has a stainless steel construction. It also has more of a non-traditional design, with curves instead of straight lines. It has a lower price point and keeps beverages hot for up to two hours.

    The carafe is shatterproof Tritan plastic

    Plunger uses a silicone gasket for smooth motion

    Budget-friendly price, cheaper than the SterlingPro French Press

    The Cafe du Chateau French Press is a very affordable machine featuring a modern, combo design of stainless steel and borosilicate glass. It only comes in one size, unlike the Frieling coffee machine, which comes in five sizes.

    Four-level filtering: dual stainless steel screens, a spring-loaded base that seals along the edges when pressed, and a strainer in the lid to catch stray sediment

    Only comes in a 34-ounce option

    Stainless steel and borosilicate glass create a unique image


    Do you want an upscale French press that looks beautiful and brews a delicious cup of joe? Then the Frieling Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker is ideal. Yes, it’s expensive, but it fully delivers on its promises, plus it’s not fragile like a glass French press.

    Every piece of this machine is crafted from stainless steel, which gives it a durability that glass versions lack. Frieling uses a double-walled design that insulates your beverage and keeps it hot. Feel free to take some time enjoying that cup of goodness before work.

    Two-stage filtration guarantees there won’t be any coffee grounds at the bottom of your mug. Thanks to the Italian mesh filter, this French press can extract even more precious oils from the coffee.

    As an added bonus, this French press is environmentally friendly. No electricity, no paper filters, and no pods are necessary. Coffee grounds are the only waste, and these are easy to compost. You can be good to yourself with this coffee maker while being good to the earth.

    Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker FAQs

    Is a Stainless Steel French Press Safer Than Glass?

    When handled properly, both types are safe. However, with a stainless steel French press, you won’t worry about glass breaking and it may keep your beverage hot longer.

    What Size French Press Should I Get?

    It varies from one person to another. Use the number of mugs of coffee you drink daily, and multiply that by 8 to 10 ounces to determine how many ounces you should look for in a French press.

    How Long Should I Let Coffee Steep Before Pressing?

    Four minutes of steeping is recommended before pushing the plunger down in the French press. You may prefer a drink that has been steeped for a little less or a little more time.

    Can I Use a Fine Grind in My French Press?

    We recommend a coarse grind for coffee being brewed in a French press. A fine grind can result in sediment escaping from the filter and ending up at the bottom of your cup.

    Why Is My Coffee Bitter?

    You may be steeping it too long, which can over-extract the flavor and result in a trace of bitterness. Try steeping for a shorter amount of time.