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Bodum Travel Press Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker


  • All-in-one French press and travel mug device
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The filter keeps out sediment but lets oils through
  • Designed to be taken wherever you go
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker


  • All-in-one French press and travel mug device
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The filter keeps out sediment but lets oils through
  • Designed to be taken wherever you go
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Bodum Travel Press Review Summary

The Bodum travel coffee maker has taken two elements of caffeinated bean culture and combined them into an all-in-one coffee maker that brews lively java. French presses and travel mugs are enjoyed by coffee lovers everywhere, and combining these two delivers a new level of satisfaction.

As it’s constructed from double-walled stainless steel, this device eliminates the need for a separate travel mug. A 20-ounce size is ideal for a travel mug, plus your beverage will stay hot. Its rubberized bottom and silicone grip band ensure that you have a steady hold on your cup.

This coffee machine is friendly to both the earth and your wallet. The French press method uses no electricity, disposable filters, or pods, so there’s no negative environmental impact. Reasonably priced, it’s much more affordable than most other coffee makers or that daily trip by a local cafe.

And did we mention French press coffee? This brewing method creates a rich, full-flavored beverage that uses the oils and acids from coffee beans to enhance its flavor. A mesh filter with a silicone seal ensures that grit stays at the bottom of your travel mug and won’t end up in your drink.

Bodum got its start in Denmark in the 1940s but is now headquartered in Switzerland with a worldwide presence. It produces coffee machines, tea makers, and kitchenware.


  • Stainless steel keeps coffee hot
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used to make tea or cold brew coffee
  • Silicone band provides a firm grip


    • The lid can leak on occasion

    Features and Benefits of the Bodum Travel Press

    Bodum promises to bring high-quality products to kitchens throughout the world. We’ll look at some features offered by the Bodum portable French press to see how well the company delivers on its promise.

    All-in-One French Press and Travel Mug

    The Bodum portable coffee press takes everything you love about a French press and combines it with a travel-size cup you can take on the run. Bodum is known for its French press line, so an all-in-one travel press seems like a natural progression. No need for a separate cup, and you can literally make your cup of joe as you’re rushing off to work.

    The process is straightforward; add your preferred coarsely ground coffee along with hot water, then stir gently. Fit the lid on top of your travel mug, with the plunger still up. Wait four minutes to allow the liquid to steep, and then plunge. The plunger and filter will keep all grounds at the bottom of the cup, so feel free to enjoy your delicious beverage.

    Note that if you’re a person who likes cream or sugar with your java, you can add those with the hot water and grinds before plunging. It’s easier than trying to add it after your coffee has brewed.

    Stainless Steel

    The double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel construction makes the Bodum travel coffee press a sturdy, durable coffee maker. It’s resistant to scratches and stains, plus you needn’t worry about this device wearing out or breaking.

    This device will also keep your beverage warm for longer than a regular mug or glass French press. Heat is retained inside the travel mug, while the outside remains cool to touch. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is practically effortless.

    Silicone and Mesh Filter

    As with all French presses, the travel French press uses a plunger and filter system to brew coffee. This particular model features a mesh filter that keeps any sediment out of your drink. Silicone allows the plunger to move smoothly up or down, ensuring that the taste is fully extracted from the ground coffee. 

    Something to remember with the plunger is that it’s important to make sure it’s centered and is moving straight down. This ensures that any grit gets trapped under the filter, not in your drink. As with the other parts of your coffee machine, the plunger and filter can be safely put in a dishwasher.

    Eco and Wallet-Friendly

    Like other versions of the French press, the Bodum travel French press is much more environmentally friendly than other brewing methods or picking up a cup from that cafe every day. This coffee maker doesn’t use electricity, plus it doesn’t require paper filters or plastic pods.

    As an added bonus, you’ll save money by not going to a local coffee house each morning, or buying an expensive coffee or espresso machine. Not to mention the added cost associated with disposable filters or coffee pods. In no time at all, your machine will pay for itself.

    What Do Users Say About the Bodum Travel French Press?

    So you’ve heard the Bodum travel coffee maker’s many pluses. However, in the interest of providing a balanced review, I looked at what other owners of this appliance think about the product.

    Overall, the Bodum portable French press gets mostly positive reviews. Most owners say the coffee maker does exactly what it was designed to do — brew coffee in a travel mug for busy people. They think its size is perfect for someone who wants to take their hot beverage with them. It’s comfortable to hold, and users particularly like its rubber bottom and silicone sleeve grip.

    This device is not without a few issues, though. Oddly enough, there have been complaints that the travel mug keeps beverages too hot, which isn’t generally a complaint with travel mugs. However, that’s easily remedied by just waiting a few minutes before drinking your beverage. 

    There is a known issue with the lid leaking. For safety reasons, its lid is only spill-resistant, not spill or leak-proof. Unless you’re tipping your cup all the way up to drink or laying it down on its side, leaky lids shouldn’t be a problem.

    Alternatives To The Bodum Travel Press

    I think it’s pretty evident that the Bodum portable coffee press is a fantastic product, but I recognize that it’s not perfect for everyone. If it’s not your perfect coffee maker, I’ve discovered a few other portable coffee machines you might like better.

    The Zyliss Hot Mug Travel French Press is another all-in-one coffee maker, like the Bodum travel French press. However, it’s smaller at about half the size, and it’s less expensive. It’s suitable for coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, plus it’s safe to put in your dishwasher.

    Holds about ten ounces, less than the Bodum travel press


    Comes with a five-year warranty

    The Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Brewer Travel mug seems to be almost indestructible. The brand is known for its sturdy, durable coffee makers, and this one is no different. It’s made from military-grade stainless steel, while its inside wall has a copper lining to retain heat.

    Holds 20 ounces, the same as the travel French press

    The locking lid is leakproof, unlike the Bodum model’s lid

    Keeps beverages hot for 6 hours or cold for 20 hours

    The ESPRO P1 Travel Coffee Press isn’t as large as the Bodum travel coffee maker, but it can hold 10 ounces of java, 12 ounces of tea, or 14 ounces of water. It is more expensive than the Bodum version, but it comes with a lifetime guarantee and uses two microfilters to keep sediment from settling in your drink.

    The two microfilters are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free

    Available in four different finishes

    Crafted from vacuum-insulated stainless steel


    The Bodum Travel Press is a great combination of the French press and a travel mug. It eliminates the need for a separate cup after brewing your java, making it possible to enjoy that delicious hot beverage, even when you’re running late for work

    Not only does it brew great java, but your beverage will stay warm within the stainless steel, double-walled travel mug. You don’t need to worry about drinking coffee grounds because a mesh filter keeps those safely tucked away at the bottom of your mug.

    The silicone grip allows you to keep that travel mug firmly in your hands, plus its rubberized bottom prevents it from tipping over. While hot java might be the preferred drink to brew in this coffee maker, it can also be used for cold brew coffee or tea.

    If anything, the appliance might work almost too well, since there have been complaints about beverages being too hot. On the other hand, there have been more complaints about the lid leaking, as this lid is only spill-resistant, not leak-proof. Regardless, this is still a great device that makes it easy to enjoy quality coffee in just a few minutes.

    Bodum Travel Press FAQs

    Are Bodum Travel Mugs Leak-Proof?

    The mug is spill-proof, but for safety reasons with overpressurization, it is not leak-proof.

    Can I Put My Bodum Travel Mug in the Dishwasher?

    Yes, the Bodum travel mug can be safely put in a dishwasher.

    Can I Put My Bodum Travel Mug in the Microwave?

    After you’ve let the coffee steep for four minutes, you can push down the plunger. Some French press users allow their coffee to steep for a little longer, but too long can result in over-extraction and a bitter brew.

    How Long Do You Wait to Push Down a French Press?

    After you’ve let the coffee steep for four minutes, you can push down the plunger. Some French press users allow their coffee to steep for a little longer, but too long can result in over-extraction and a bitter brew.

    How Much Coffee Do You Put in a Bodum Press?

    The general recommendation is about one tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee for every four ounces of water.