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Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker


  • Compact and portable
  • Total immersion brewing
  • Microfilter prevents sediment in the cup
  • Can be used for hot or cold brewing
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker


  • Compact and portable
  • Total immersion brewing
  • Microfilter prevents sediment in the cup
  • Can be used for hot or cold brewing
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review Summary

While some people may look at the Aeropress Coffee Maker and scoff at the plastic construction, they’re committing the cardinal sin of judging a book unfairly by its cover.

Portable and compact, this simple machine lets you brew java from basically anywhere. Hotel room? Check. Campsite? Check. Your own kitchen? There, too. It has a quick brew time of approximately two minutes, and while there is some trial and error to get that perfect brew, it’s easier than many other coffee machines.

Paper microfilters are used to keep grinds from settling into your cup, which can sometimes be a complaint with total immersion brewing. This device can be used not only for making straight coffee, but that rich coffee can be used as the starting point for lattes, American coffee, cappuccinos, and cold brews.

Aeropress was founded in 1984 and originally manufactured flying disc toys. The owner introduced his design for a coffee machine in 2005. In 2017, the company name was changed to Aeropress, Inc.


  • Full control over the brewing process
  • Quick brew time
  • Easy to clean
  • The filter blocks grit from your coffee mug
  • Easy to take anywhere with you


    • Has a clunky appearance
    • Takes time to learn to use it properly

    Features and Benefits of the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker 

    So you’ve had a brief introduction to the Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker and what it can do. Now it’s time to look more closely at the features offered by this simple yet innovative machine.

    Total Immersion Brewing

    The Aeropress Coffee Maker uses a total immersion brewing process, which produces rich, delicious java. Immersing ground coffee beans in water creates a more robust taste than drip machines where water flows through coffee grinds.

    The process may look complicated at first, but it’s actually pretty simple. The tricky part is getting the perfect water to coffee ratio for your tastes, which takes a little practice. Prepare the chamber with the filter according to directions, then stand the chamber atop your cup. Add one scoop of coffee to the chamber and ensure that the coffee grinds are level.

    Next, add water up to the Level 1 mark. Use hot water (ideally, 195 to 205 Fahrenheit) if you’re making a hot beverage, and use cold tap water if you’re making cold brew. For hot coffee, stir for about ten seconds. For cold brew, stir for about one minute. Then insert the plunger and gently push it down until you reach the grounds. That’s it!

    Make More Than Just Plunger Coffee

    Think the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker is limited to plunger coffee? Think again because this device is designed for use with both ground coffee or ground espresso blends. It can also create hot and cold brews.

    But there’s no need to stop there. Its instructions actually explain how to make other drinks, such as cappuccinos, American coffee, and lattes. That includes whether to use milk or water, along with how much of each. No more being limited to just plunger coffee when you don’t own a fancy coffee machine.

    Filter Means No Sediment

    With some coffee machines, you end up inadvertently drinking coffee grinds. That’s not a problem for the Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker as it includes paper microfilters. A filter goes inside the filter cap to prevent grit from sliding down into your cup.

    That gives the beverage a cleaner taste without the texture of sediment interrupting your enjoyment. This model comes with 350 paper microfilters. It’s even easy to make your own paper filters if you prefer.

    Durable Plastic and Silicone

    The Aeropress Coffee Maker is built to be portable, so it also needs to be durable, which it is. Made from BPA-free plastic, it’s perfectly suited to traveling anywhere with you, whether that’s your own kitchen, a hotel, or a camping ground. A silicone seal ensures the pieces fit snugly together, so there are no leaks.

    Cleanup is a breeze. Just take it apart to wash the parts individually. For that matter, it doesn’t even require soap (although it’s suggested). Dry carefully and then you can stash it in a cabinet or even your backpack. Don’t worry about damaging it if you bang into something or stuff it into a bag.

    What Do Users Say About the Aeropress Coffee Maker?

    I can clearly see many perks with the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. However, you don’t need to just take my word for it. I’ve looked at what other people think for even more insight into the device.

    This may be one of the highest-rated coffee makers I’ve seen. The vast majority of reviews are not just positive but rate this coffee maker five stars. Aeropress users agree that it’s an excellent value for coffee machines, plus it holds up well, even with daily use.

    Aeropress owners love that its joe is less acidic than drip coffee. The ability to customize your drink in any number of ways is also a definite plus. Owners do admit that there’s somewhat of a learning curve with using the Aeropress Coffee Maker, though.

    That all said, the device isn’t perfect. A few complaints have been made about its size — it only makes one full-sized cup of java. There’s also no storage system for the various parts, although there is an optional storage bag. And some people just don’t like how much attention this device requires. The brewing process doesn’t take long, but it does require your full attention for a few minutes.

    Alternatives To The Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

    Even though it seems pretty clear that the Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker is a solid product, maybe it’s not a perfect product for you. In that case, I’ve researched some other portable options that might suit you better.

    The Cafflano Klassic Portable All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker definitely lives up to its “portable” description. Unlike the Aeropress device, the Cafflano Klassic includes a ceramic burr grinder along with an insulated tumbler and lid. This model has even won awards for its design.

    Approximately the size of a 22-ounce travel mug

    Just grind your coffee beans, pour hot water over them, and let it drip through the filter

    Like the Aeropress Coffee Maker, cleanup is just a rinse with water

    More than twice the price of the Aeropress model

    The Wacaco Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker is a pressure brewer, all-in-one coffee machine and travel mug. This device is hand-powered and uses a twisting motion to brew the beverage, rather than that plunging motion of the Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker. Just fill the chamber with hot water, drop the coffee basket inside, close, and twist.

    An insulated travel mug keeps your beverage hot

    All pieces can be stored inside the mug

    Somewhat more expensive than the Aeropress model

    No filters

    The Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker uses K-cups or a reusable cup, unlike the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. The reservoir can be filled with hot water, or you can heat the water inside the reservoir in the microwave. Then, insert a single-serve coffee pack in the base, attach the reservoir, and press down.

    Uses single-serve K-cups

    Like the Aeropress machine, it relies on a pressing motion to brew coffee

    The reservoir has ounce markings inside

    Less expensive than the Aeropress version


    The Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker isn’t a showstopper beauty that you show off for your friends. However, it is definitely a practical, dependable coffee machine that will brew fantastic java at a fraction of the price of fancy espresso machines or cafes.

    This device is made from BPA-free plastic and it’s built to be sturdy enough to go anywhere with you. It relies on air compression to push hot water through the ground coffee, which delivers rich, flavorful java that’s hot or cold.

    Paper microfilters keep sediment out of your mug of joe while cutting down on the acidity that can result in other brewing processes. The Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker even includes instructions on how to make cold brew coffee, lattes, and more, so you’re not limited to just a cup of plain old java.

    The brewing process with total immersion results in a robust, rich cup of joe. You can also customize your beverage to your own preferences, by adjusting the water temperature, how much coffee you use, and brewing time. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with drinks, this is an appliance for you.

    Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker FAQs

    Can You Make Espresso with Aeropress?

    You can make Aeropress espresso, which is not the same as true espresso because this machine doesn’t create enough pressure. It uses finely ground coffee, hot water, and rapid plunging to create a rich brew similar to espresso.

    Is an Aeropress Better Than a French Press?

    It doesn’t take as long to brew java with an Aeropress Coffee Maker, plus there won’t be coffee grit in your cup, thanks to its microfilter. Some people prefer Aeropress coffee while others are true French press fans. Both are lightweight, user-friendly devices that don’t cost the earth, so try both to see which you like best.

    What Grind Is Best For an Aeropress?

    We recommend a fine drip or espresso grind. However, we prefer an espresso grind because it creates a richer flavored brew.

    How Long Does an Aeropress Last?

    When cared for properly, your Aeropress travel coffee maker should last about three years.

    Does Aeropress Coffee Have More Caffeine?

    No, coffee from an Aeropress Coffee Maker has about the same amount of caffeine as other brewing methods.